Wasted Talent: Comics by an Engineer!

Created by Jam

Wasted Talent: Comics by an Engineer!
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Random Original!
Every single Wasted Talent was created by hand with ink, marker or watercolours on thick, 9x12 pa... more »
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Stickers - Sheet 1 Dogs in Raincoats
A 4" x 6" kiss-cut sticker sheet featuring the type of adorable pup you tend to find in Vancouver
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Stickers - Flitzybon
A 4" x 6" kiss cut sticker sheet featuring our favourite imaginary cat!


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Book 1 - We Are The Engineers
Physical copy of book 1, We Are The Engineers. 3rd edition. 88 pages, black, white and red printi... more »
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Book 2 - Welcome To The Real World
Welcome to the Real World - the story of how Jam found her first job and adjusted to working life... more »
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Book 3 - Cubicle Warrior
Cubicle Warrior - the story of how Jam's life in cubicle hell conflicted with hockey madness (the... more »


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ebook 1 - We Are The Engineers
DIGITAL - ebook of Book One, We Are the Engineers! DRM Free pdf. 88 pages, black, white and red.
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ebook 2 - Welcome To The Real World
DIGITAL - ebook version of Book 2, Welcome to the Real World! DRM Free pdf, 152 pages colour
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ebook 3 - Cubicle Warrior
DIGITAL - ebook version of book 3, Cubicle Warrior! DRM free PDF, 152 pages full colour.
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ebook 4 - Professionally Awesome
DIGITAL - the ebook version of book 4, Professionally Awesome! DRM free pdf
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ebook 5 - Redesigned
DIGITAL - the ebook version of Redesigned! DRM free PDF


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POST KS - Book 4 and 5 Kit!
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Learn About Our Project:

What's it like to be an engineer in a tech startup? For the past ten years Jam has been telling that story with weekly comics like these:


All the stories are true! And you can read ALL her comics online for free at

But after ten years, the webcomic is ending!

Thank you everyone for helping it go out on such a positive note!! <3 FOR UPDATES ON FUTURE PROJECTS BY JAM:

The goal of this project is to bring the final two collections of Wasted Talent to print! Because each comic page is a stand-alone joke, each book has been designed as a stand-alone experience. It's about an engineer, but you don't have to be an engineer to appreciate the humour! 

In Professionally Awesome, Jam finally quits her cubicle job and becomes employee #3 at an industrial start-up. It's not quite the soft landing she was hoping for.


In Redesigned, Jam finds herself in another tech startup - a small, young team of engineers devoted to solving the world's toughest problems with cutting edge tech. Turns out growing a company comes with its own set of challenges! 

Throughout the books you'll also read about Jam's adventures as a young Vancouverite, her relationship with Trevor and their various mountain-biking-related mishaps, and swordfighting! Yes, swordfighting.

[update 11/13:] We hit our goal!! Additional funds will go towards making the books you've already backed EVEN BETTER. Our first stretch goal is SPOT FOIL (a cover treatment that makes the title shiny metallic!)








Each book is about 150 pages, perfect bound and printed in full colour. It will be offset printed, meaning you'll be getting the same high quality printing you've enjoyed in previous books.

The books are 6x8" and are designed to line up nicely on your shelf if you've collected the previous books :)

I'm also offering some kickstarter-exclusive editions of the book.  



In addition to the beautiful books, in this tier I'm offering two signed bookplates (one for each book). I'll also include a double-sided 6x8 print featuring two popular comics from this chapter: Minimalism with an Exception (aka Small Library) and Blue Sky Thinking


I've offered "Extreme Editions" of every book, and what's special about them is the CUSTOMIZATION. Those who have snagged previous copies know these bookplates are special and personalized:

Since there are two books you'll be getting two customized extreme bookplates.

The Extreme edition also includes some sweet gifts, including the double sided print from the signed edition, a die cut magnet of Flitzybon (my imaginary cat)

And a Kickstarter Exclusive Cloudsie Enamel pin! Now you can take a grey Vancouver day with you even if you live in sunny Sydney ;)

Extreme Editions are VERY LIMITED so if you're interested don't wait!




This time I'm doing a LIMITED RUN of the print editions. If you want a print book, this Kickstarter is your only guaranteed way to get it. I will only order as many as I need for KS with enough left over to last maybe two or three comic shows and that's it! 

Printing offset in a limited run is pretty expensive - more than I'm able to fund on my own. Especially for doing two books at once! 

Thanks to @explodinghye my book's fabulous designer who also helped me make the graphics on this kickstarter page extra shiny. 

The KS video music is Quantum Jazz - Oribiting a Distant Plant

The books feature a number of guest artists including:

Also thanks to my partners for this project: BackerKit who will be supporting the back-end process for digital and physical fulfillment (and allowing you to buy previous editions), and Hemlock who will be handling the printing and physical fulfillment.